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Aqualabo Group




Aqualabo is a French group of 5 companies, Ponsel, Aqualyse, Perax, Orchidis et Secomam that each have a long-time experience in water control and analysis.

We manufacture instrumentation equipments, probes, multiparameters, water samplers, venturi flumes, SCADA, data loggers, kits and reagents, laboratory devices, specrto-photometers in a large range of equipments.

Our offer rests on 4 strong  axis:

Products manufactured in our French factories

Additional products specially choosed for their reliability and accuracy.

Rental of a large range of products for control of the water

After-sales services on site or in our workshop

"Aqualabo Services" is a package of services provided by Ponsel, Aqualyse and Perax


This offer is your insurance for a perfect operation of your water control equipment, the security of your field of activity, and a money-saving by a long life of your material.


You will discover on this website our Rental offer for stationnary and portable equipments of sampling, measurment and analysis, flow control and much more.

 This equipments has been specially selected to cover the largest range of field applications of our customers.

Our expert team insure a very strict control of the rented equipments, under ISO 9001 certification. Hence all our materials are very carefully cleaned, disinfected and conbtroled before replaced in our stock.

Trust Aqualabo for your rental projects, wheter for a short-duration controls or for long-time campaigns.


And discover our range of products for sale on


Hot-line and technical support insured by our team of experts

Very short delivery time ( usually less than 2 days )

Very strictly cleaned, controlled and disinfected equipments

Very clear and without surprise rental conditions